Online Blackjack Versus Brick and Mortar Casinos

Technological improvements have changed the world’s perception of instant communication through digital music, social networking and last but not least; online casinos. As the world reaches the end of the first decade of the new millennium, players around the globe enjoy the pleasures of online gambling. Different generations of casino enthusiasts ask themselves “What was I doing at a Brick &Mortar Casino back in 92?” or “why should I ever go to a Brick & Mortar Casino?casino online

Blackjack remains one of the best games at any casino, virtual or brick and mortar (B&M) but playing online offers many advantages for both beginner and experienced players who can try out new strategies and enhance their gaming experience. The first main reason for users to become more attracted towards online blackjack is turning on their computer at any time to play in comfort and convenience from home.

Having fun and mastering the game here is easier since there’s no need to dress up, travel or wait for a weekend. Also there’s no etiquette stress, the player controls everything by pushing buttons having not to worry about dealers or other players.

The brick and mortar casinos have limited blackjack tables which can lead to crowded games or what’s worse, not finding one at all. Game speed cannot be controlled as you have to wait for 5 or 7 players to make their call. Online tables offer instant action, a wide variety of blackjack variations and available seats always, even at peak times or weekends.

Practice makes perfect and the reality is that land based casinos do not offer free runs at any game. Online environment can help players especially beginners as they can develop a strategy and understand the in-depth experience of Blackjack in a free practice mode. This will train the user for a better shot at victory when playing in a real money scenario.

Online Blackjack benefits the player by offering special bonuses and promotions in areas where land based casinos have limited loyalty programs, the more you play online the better it gets. Online casinos also have better odds than land-based casinos due to less overhead costs. Online players don’t need to tip for cocktails either. Experience online blackjack where you can build confidence faster and put yourself to the test, a good player knows that great service, incredible promotions and dynamic table action ensure a trip that’s worth betting on.


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